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2017-2018 Digital Citizenship: Rings of Responsibility

Teaching and learning guide for 2015-2016

Essential Question

As digital citizens we have responsibilities to ourselves, our families and to the larger community.  What is your role as a responsible digital citizen?

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Rings of Responsibility (Communication)

After watching the commercial, answer the questions.

Learning Celebration - Read Kevin and Jose's Story and then answer the questions.

Kevin sends his friend José a short video he made at home, a reenactment of a famous fantasy movie scene. José, laughing at how Kevin looks, shows it to some other boys at school. The boys laugh at Kevin too, and then decide to post it on a video-sharing website. Millions of people then view Kevin’s video. Nasty comments are posted. Every day, Kevin goes online to check the site and sees more comments like “idiot” and “fat nerd.” Every day, he goes to school and hears similar cruel comments from his classmates.

Key Vocabulary

Digital Citizen is a member of an online community linked by the internet

Community is a group of people sharing common interests or background

Responsibility is an obligation you have to yourself or others

Distract means it is difficult for someone to give their full attention to something

Multitask means to do more than one thing at a time


Jennette McCurdy's Chicken Commercial

Twalkers Mission (Communication)

Try the Twalkers Mission  to experience how challenging it is to operate a cell phone while trying to complete another task at the same time! Once you have completed three rounds, try the Communication Mission, independently or with a friend.

Common Sense Media Gr 3 Rings of Responsibility Dear Family Letter