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2017-2018 Digital Citizenship: Grade 1

Teaching and learning guide for 2015-2016

Big Idea

Going Places Safely

How do you go places safely on the computer?

Students learn that they can go to exciting places online, but they need to follow certain rules to remain safe. By taking a virtual field trip, students experience the power of the Internet to take them to places they might not be able to visit in person. They learn that they should follow safety rules when they travel online, just as when traveling in the real world.

Common Sense Video

Learning Targets

I can ...

  • discover that the Internet can be used to visit far-away places and learn new things.
  • compare how staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world.
  • explain rules for traveling safely on the Internet.

Standards Alignment

Common Core State Standards:

Grade 1: W.5, W.7, W.8, L.6

ISTE Standards:

3a, 3b, 5a, 5b, 6a