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2017-2018 Digital Citizenship: Grade 3

Teaching and learning guide for 2015-2016

Big Idea

Grade 3 Digital Citizenship - Rings of Responsibilities

What kinds of responsibilities does a good digital citizen have?

Students explore what it means to take on responsibilities in both their offline and online communities as a way to learn how to be good digital citizens. Students sit in circles, which depict the “Rings of Responsibility,” in order to explore the responsibilities they have to themselves, friends and family, and larger communities, both offline and online.

Learning Targets

I can ...


  • reflect upon their offline responsibilities.
  • examine their online responsibilities.
  • learn that good digital citizens are responsible and respectful in the digital world (and beyond).

Standards Alignment

Grade 3: RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.4, W.10, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.1d, SL.6, L.3a, L.6

ISTE Standards: 3a, 3b, 5a, 5b, 6a

Grade 3 Digital Citizenship - Private and Personal Information

How can you protect yourself from online identity theft?

As students visit sites that request information about their identity, they learn to adopt a critical inquiry process that empowers them to protect themselves and their families from identity theft. In this lesson, students learn to think critically about the user information that some websites request or require. They learn the difference between private information and personal information, distinguishing what is safe and unsafe to share online.

Learning Targets

I can ...

  • learn about the benefits of sharing information online, but also about the safety and security risks of sharing certain types of information.
  • understand what type of information can put them at risk for identity theft and other scams.
  • distinguish between personal information, which is safe to share online, and private information, which is unsafe to share.

Standards Alignment

Grade 3: RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.4, W.7, W.10, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.1d, SL.3, SL.4, SL.6, L.3a, L.6

ISTE Standards: 1b, 5a, 5b