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2017-2018 Digital Citizenship: What's Cyberbullying?

Teaching and learning guide for 2015-2016

Key Vocabulary

cyberbullying: using the Internet or cell phones to upset someone else on purpose, often over and over again

target: the person being cyberbullied

empathize: to imagine the feelings that someone else is experiencing

bystander: someone who sees cyberbullying happening but does nothing to help

upstander: someone who helps when they see cyberbullying occur

Emma's Story

Poll Everywhere - What are the positive aspects of going online?

What's Cyberbullying? Learning Celebration

Read Sondra's Story.

Sondra is planning a birthday sleepover. Her parents have set a limit of eight girls, so Sondra can’t invite everyone she’d like.  Two girls, who are left out of the party, overhear the plans. They decide to create a “We Hate Sondra Jones” website. They say that anyone invited to the party should not go. They share the website with everyone in school. The girls also tell everyone to add new reasons why they hate Sondra and to spread mean rumors about her. When Sondra hears about the site, she gets a sick feeling in her stomach. Each day she finds a new mean comment or joke about her on the website. She feels hurt and embarrassed. She tells her parents she is sick, so she won’t have to go to school.