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BWEF Engineering Excitement: One School, One Engineering Book Project

Engineering Excitement Kicks Off with One School, One Engineering Book!

2017 Engineers Week Theme - Engineers Dream Big


"Every project, great or small, starts with a dream. A dream to create and build. Engineers engage their creativity and technical know-how to transform dreams into reality. They are dreamers across the professional spectrum from transportation, to agriculture, to medicine and beyond." (Source)

For Engineers Week, the grant funded these materials to be distributed to classroom teachers: Engineers Week poster for the classroom and bookmarks for students.

During each library class, students read, discussed, and had activities based on Engineers Solve Problems! by Blake and Katie Hoena for a “One School, One Engineering Book” project.

Scenes from Engineers Week at Guiteras School

The Guiteras Records were based on the engineering challenge activities that students did after reading an discussing the book "Engineers Solve Problems."

Guiteras Records

Tallest Tower (12.5 inches) - Aiden E. and Jack

Strongest Column (supported 81 books) - McKaela and Savannah L.

Airplane Flight (flew 33 feet carrying 18 pennies) - Daniel

Most Paper Airplanes Made - Christian

Engineer Helper - Zachary


The Project



Learning Targets

Engineers Week Learning Targets

I can use the engineering design process in order to ask questions, solve a problem or challenge, test solutions and create models.

I also use the engineering design process in order to improve the solutions to problems or to revise models.

I can use the engineering design process to organize my thinking and explain my learning to others.


Learning targets based on the Next Generation Science Standards  APPENDIX I – Engineering Design in the NGSS.


Resources for Activities

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