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BWEF Engineering Excitement: Evaluation

RIMOSA - Andy Goldsworthy

RIMOSA - Rube Goldberg

Evaluation - Community Building: Slinky Book and Activities

Evaluation - Community Building: One School, One Book

How Is the Grant Evaluated?





Engineering Hands- On Exploration

RIMOSA programs (2 - one hour sessions with each homeroom)

Students will develop an understanding of how something works and how artists use common materials and engineering skills to create and build.

Each RIMOSA program introduced the students to an artist and how he uses engineering skills plus found objects to create and build new structures.  

Learn about Engineering careers from community members

Guest Engineers

Students will learn about a variety of engineering jobs.

The Guest Engineers introduced the students to the field of engineering through visits by mechanical, naval, civil, software, and bio-medical engineers.  Each grade level had at least one visit by a guest engineer.

Community Building

Slinky Book and Activities

Share hands on engineering activities with students at various grade levels

Each K-5 classroom received  a narrative biography about the inventors of the Slinky (The Marvelous Thing that Came From a Spring by Gilbert Ford) and 5 Slinkys per classroom.

The student were able to explore hands-on Slinky activities.

Community Building

One School, One Book Project

Unite the school community with an introductory learning activity

All K-5 students read, discussed, and completed activities based on Engineers Solve Problems! by Blake and Katie Hoena


Evaluation - Guest Engineers

Highlights from Student Reflections




*Thanks to Mrs. McCanna for the letters as reflection artifacts.