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BWEF Engineering Excitement: Guest Engineers

Why Invite Guest Engineers?

The goal is to invite guest engineers to talk to the students about their career path and their career in the engineering field. The purpose is to raise awareness with the students that there are different kinds of engineers and to make some real-life connections beyond the school learning environment. It may be that our guest engineers will inspire our students to think about their own future educational path and career choices!

2017 Guest Engineers

Guest Engineers include:

Travis Anderson, US Navy

Benjamin McPheron, Roger Williams University

Mark Moreira, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Sharon Mulligan, Johnson & Johnson

Dave Segala, US Navy


Thank you to all of our Guest Engineers!

Dr. McPheron with Roger Williams Students Kristi, Wes, Brianna and Nicole

Dr. McPheron visited with the Grade 4 students.  He shared how he uses the Engineering Design Process to make robotics and music.

Dr. McPheron brought four of his Roger Williams University students - Wes, Kristi, Brianna and Nicole.  Each of the students explained what they enjoyed in school, the cool things they have worked on and their plans after graduation.  They all brought their robot - Sparky!  Guiteras School wishes good luck to the team and Sparky at the upcoming robotics competition.  

Mr. Segala

Mr. Segala visited with the Grade 5 students.  He illustrated how engineers solve problems using math.

Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson visited with the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.  He introduced the students to different kinds of engineers.

Mr. Moreira

Mr. Moreira visited with the Grade 4 students.  He shared how his interest in his grandfather's books sparked his curiosity when he was a child.  Later, as a teenager, he thought he would go into marine biology but realized he was more interested in how things work, which brought him to mechanical engineering.  Now Mr. Moreira designs the tubes that torpedoes use.


Mr. Moreira gave each student a package of materials to make a BristleBot so that the students could try out the design process.

Mr. Moreira also visited with the Grade 2 students and taught them about sonar.

Ms. Mulligan

Ms. Mulligan brought her electrosurgical generator and taught the Grade 4 students how to use it on an apple as an example of how doctors use it to ablate during surgeries.