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Bitsbox - 3: Objective 1: Learning JavaScript/HTML to make apps

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation generously funded three Bitsbox app coding kits in order to aid in the instruction and learning of computational skills as part of a reading and technology unit as part of Guiteras Library class.



Objective 1: Students learn how to write JavaScript/HTML code in order to made apps

Bitsbox teaches students to actually write code in a step-by-step approach. While with Bitsbox students do start writing code with a template, as Bitsbox leads students to the command definitions, students experiment with the code commands and then must infer and test new commands in order for the code to be written and the app they create to be successful (21st Century Skills).  Each kit has 28 apps that can be created.  There is the option for the apps to be made in order of rigor; Students can start with a simple code to make one app and then work their way through making a series of apps that gradually become more complex until they reach the last group of apps, which are the most sophisticated to create.  The variety of rigor for the apps allows students to build on their knowledge while also allowing students a high degree of choice.  Students can decide to skip apps if they have mastered the code commands for that group of apps.   Students do not need to make all 28 apps or work their way through from simple to sophisticated apps. (Personalization).  The project will increase the students’ early interest and enthusiasm for computing and coding.  The students can access Bitsbox outside of the school day and on weekends (Any time/Anywhere Learning).