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Bitsbox - 3: Project Review

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation generously funded three Bitsbox app coding kits in order to aid in the instruction and learning of computational skills as part of a reading and technology unit as part of Guiteras Library class.

SeeSaw Blog to share and learn apps from each other.

View and comment on the students' app through their blog!

The blog: 


During the reflection process, three themes emerged: 

1. Every student made and shared an app.  

2. The students enjoyed working together to make the apps and

liked commenting and reading the comments about the apps.  

3.  Students responded to their peers' comments by revising and improving their apps.


Student Reflection

During student reflections, 100 percent of students provided feedback that the project met its goal.  The goal was for students to learn and practice computational thinking skills and teach others about their learning experience. 

Teacher corroboration: The goal was met - 100 percent of the students learned enough Javascript to create and share their app.

Student Reflection

The texts reads: "I think this project was very successful because a lot of people got to look at other people's work.  Also, a lot of people commented."

Student Reflection

The text reads: "Our favorite part about Bitsbox was working together, and improving every step of the way."