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MakerRI: RI School Makerspaces

RI and General Maker Education Information

RI School Makerspace Information

The information below was collected from a survey of RI educators. The survey form can be found here:

If you know of a school with a makerspace that is not listed, please fill out the survey. Also, please check the bottom of the page for school makerspaces without survey information. If you are affiliated with one of them, please fill out the survey. Thanks for adding to our data!

Also please view map linked at end of page for more RI makerspace information. Map is of unknown origin. 

Maker Space Info






Maker Spaces Not Found Through Survey

These makerspaces are not listed in the information above as the information was not added through the survey. If you are affiliated with one of the following makerspaces, please fill out the survey from the link at the beginning of the page. Thank you!