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WormWatchers Student Showcase - Final Projects : WormWatchers

About WormWatchers

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation generously funded the WormWatcher kit - a hands-on, inquiry-based teaching tool that is an indoor, year-round, vermicomposting system specially designed for elementary education.

WormWatchers Student Showcase

Click on the link to see the WormWatchers Student Showcase.

Contact Ms. Galipeau ( for the password.

Final Projects

Click here to see students' WormWatchers Projects.

We used the students' projects to reflect upon their work,

as well as practice speaking and listening Common Core Standards.

Grade 2 and Grade 4 Working Together

With help from fourth-grade friends, second-graders used the dictionary and thesaurus to describe worms.

The learning targets are:

I can use dictionaries and glossaries to help me understand new words.L.2.4

I can use my senses to help me describe things. L.2.5

I can use adjectives to describe nouns. L.2.6

WormWatchers GASP - How Compost Is Made

Grade 2 Synthesizes

Worm Word Portraits

Second-graders used the words that they located in the dictionary and the thesaurus to create "Worm Word Portraits" using online tools.