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All MLA citations must be in MLA 8th edition format!

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Google Scholar

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Default search settings include:

  • search terms are not case sensitive
  • AND--search terms are automatically combined using AND
  • keyword--searches the full text of scholarly material, including citation and abstract

Options to refine your search include:

  • synonyms--Google automatically searches for matching and similar meaning words ex: tourism finds tourist
  • "phrase searching"--use quotation marks around phrases to keep works together ex: "hearing loss"
  • OR--results include either search term.  OR must be in capital letters ex: ipod OR mp3
  • exclude--use - immediately before a search term you want to exclude ex: ipod -itunes
  • include--use + immediately before automatically excluded search terms that you want included ex: +the
  • intitle--finds result with your search term in the document title ex: intitle:mp3
  • author--finds results with your search term as the document author ex: author:Jones
  • date range--to change from Any time, select an option from left side of the results screen

Advanced Scholar Search:

  • Click on the arrow at the end of the search box to view the Advanced Scholar Search options

Interpreting the results screen:


HTML] Concussions among United States high school and collegiate athletes

LM Gessel, CL Collins, RW Dick - Journal of athletic training, 2007 -
Abstract An estimated 300 000 sport-related traumatic brain injuries, predominantly 
concussions, occur annually in the United States. Sports are second only to motor vehicle 
crashes as the leading cause of traumatic brain injury among people aged 15 to 24 years. ...
  • Below the search results are five links--Cited by, Related articles, All versions, Cite, Save
  • Cited by link will generate a list of all articles that have cited this article in their source.  This may be helpful because it can link you to other sources that might be focusing on the same or similar topic.
  • Related articles link will generate a list of articles that are related to this topic.
  • All versions link will link to other versions of this document found by Google Scholar.  This may be helpful in order to access a full text version for free.
  • Cite link will give you the citation in various formats.  Always be sure to check the citation for accuracy and completeness.
  • Save link will allow you to save into "My library" folder.  You will be prompted to set up an account.

Creating email alerts:

  • To create an email alert to let you know when new materials on your topic has been added:
    • Click on the Alerts icon at the top of the Google Scholar homepage.  Follow the prompts from there.
    • OR:  From the search results screen, click on the Alerts icon in the left side bar.  Follow the prompts.

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