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Narragansett High School Library: Tech Tools to Try

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What is an infographic?

An infographic uses visuals--sometimes supported by text--to represent information or data, often with the aim of educating or informing an audience.


Infographic Makers to Try:

Interactive Print Graphics

What is an interactive print graphic?

An interactive print graphic layers images with links to videos, web links, photos, text, etc. 


3D Design, Electronics, and Coding


What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in a sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic,or interactive media sequence.



Slideshows aka SlideDecks

Video Conferencing

Audio and Sound


What is a screencast?

A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen, often times with audio narration.



Video and Other Tools