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Barrington Middle School: Books in the Library

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All students have individual accounts in Destiny. Logging into the catalog lets you:

  • request books from other libraries
  • rate and recommend books to others
  • check out eBooks using Destiny Discover in school or remotely
  • see what you have checked out and the item/s due date
  • renew a book one time

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Finding Books on the Shelves

You find a book in the catalog that you want, now... how can you find it in the library?

First, be sure to memorize or write down the call number!  Especially for nonfiction titles, you need the complete call number or you may end up looking in the wrong place.  

Fiction books - are shelved together in alphabetical order by the author's last name.  The call number has an "F" on the first line for "fiction" and then the second line has the first three letters of the author's last name.

Nonfiction books - are shelved together in Dewey number order. The spine label has a number, usually ending with a decimal, on the first line and the second line, has the first three letters,,usually, of the author's last nameFor example, a book about soccer written by Mark Stewart will have the call number 796.3 with STE on the second line. 

Biographies - are shelved together in alphabetical order by the name of the person the book is about. The call number has a B for "biography" on the first line and the full last name of the person the book is about on the second line. For example, a biography about Einstein will have the call number B Einstein.

Reference books - are shelved together in Dewey number order. The call number has an R on the first line, a number, usually ending with a decimal, on the second line, and the third line has the first three letters, usually, of the author's last name. For example, a reference book about World War II written by Richard Hanes will have the call number R 940.53 HAN.

Graphic novels - are shelved together in the small bookcase in the center of the BMS library. The first line of the call number is always GN.

  • fiction titles have 741.5 on the second line followed by the first three letters of the author's last name on the third line.
  • nonfiction titles have the appropriate Dewey number on the second line and the first three letters of the author's last name on the third line.  
  • biographies have a B on the second line followed by the full last name of the person the biography is about on the third line.

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What is a call number?


 A call number is a book's address because it tells you where to find the book in the library. Call numbers are also called spine labels because they are located on the spine of a book.