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Barrington Middle School: Plagiarism and Copyright

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What is plagiarism?

Simply put, plagiarism is using an idea created by someone else and not giving them credit for it.  This can be in the form of words, music, images, etc.  


Citation Guide

Citation Guide

From Bellevue School District, WA

What sources should I cite?

When in doubt, cite it!

This is a partial list of things you should cite:

  • Direct quotes
  • Words you paraphrase or summarize
  • ideas
  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • Artwork (drawings, photographs, paintings, etc)
  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Images

*Thanks to Donna Zecha, librarian at Hopkinton Middle/High School Library in Contoocook, NH, for this list.



A Quick Guide to Plagiarism

What is copyright?

Copyright is the legal right attached to a creative work that prevents others from copying or using it for monetary gain.  The copyright owner decides who may use his/her copyrighted work and may request payment for that use.  

Understanding copyright

Understanding Copyright

*From the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Copyright and Fair Use

A Fair(y)-Use Tale