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Cranston High School East Library: Student Volunteers

Library Volunteer - Description

The CHSE Library loves student volunteers! 

A student volunteer should be:

  • Available at least one day a week after school from 2:00-2:30
  • Someone who is recommended by a CHSE teacher or staff member
  • Someone who understands (or is willing to learn) how the library is organized
  • Someone who is attentive to details
  • Someone who is willing to do a task they may not like
  • Someone who knows how to log in to their RICAT account and place a “hold”

Volunteer Tasks may include:

  • Shelving
  • Straightening books on shelves
  • Checking in magazines
    • Remove loose cards
    • Write date on magazine
  • Organizing magazines by date in magazine files
  • Preparing books for Interlibrary loan
    • Completing delivery slips
  • Gathering books for class research projects
  • Processing new books
    • Putting barcode stickers on books
    • Stamping books with school names
    • Putting spine labels on books
    • Attaching plastic covers to books
  • Straightening tables and chairs
  • Wiping tables and computer screens
  • Other tasks may be assigned as necessary

Cranston East Library Shelving Tour

Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System

The audio on this video is just music without any narration, so you can watch it without sound.  This is a basic overview of the Dewey Decimal System and how it is organized.

Capstone Publishers (Creator). (2010). Bob the Alien discovers the Dewey Decimal styem [Video file]. Retrieved from

Learn How the Library is Organized

Use Order in the Library, an interactive web site that helps you learn how library materials are organized and practice arranging books in the correct order. 

Team Vapor Ware. (n.d.). Order in the library. Retrieved April 28, 2019, from

Mrs. Lodge's Library Shelver

Mrs. Lodge's Library Shelver is an interactive web site that will let you practice shelving books before you shelve real books here at the library!

Mrs. Lodge's Library. (2013). Shelver. Retrieved from

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