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George R. Hanaford School Library: Mrs. G Power Hour 4

The website for the Elinor Pike Library at George R. Hanaford School in East Greenwich

Assignments and Handouts

THIEVES- Preview Nonfiction Texts

The THIEVES Strategy for previewing nonfiction texts




Every first sentence in a paragraph

Visuals and Vocabulary

End-of-chapter questions


Bitstrips For Schools


The Independent Investigation Method (IIM)

The IIM Model

The Independent Investigation Method is a teaching model that guides primary, elementary, and secondary students through the research process. IIM empowers you to combine your required curriculum with vital research skills, choosing from options for integration of state standards, the length of the study, and students' grade, skills and learning styles.

Within this model, there are two skill levels: Basic and Proficient. All students need to begin at the Basic Level where the foundation skills necessary for more advanced research are taught. The Proficient Level is for older students who have mastered basic research skills and are capable of applying the more sophisticated skills required at this level.

Because IIM is a continuum of skills, the process and progressions you choose would be based on your goals as well as the research experience, grade, and skill level of your students. The following diagram illustrates this progression from beginning to advanced research.

the IIM research model

The 7 Steps

IIM has seven steps that offer a structure for success as well as freedom for individual differences. Click any of the steps below for an example of the IIM materials available, or go directly to our demo section.

Step 1 topic
Step 2 goal setting
Step 3 research
Step 4 organizing
Step 5 goal evaluation
Step 6 product
Step 7 presentation

Google Classroom

Discovery Education


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