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Tiverton Middle School: Martin Luther King Jr.

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ABC News coverage August 28, 1963

MLK, Jr. Challenge!

1.  Watch MLK - The King and His Dream

2. Select one of the following questions, research the answer using an online database, WebPath Express or a print book 

  • When and where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born?
  • Who were his parents? Where did he live as a young boy? Did he have brothers and sisters?
  • What early life experiences shaped Martin Luther King, Jr.'s future?
  • Was Martin Luther King, Jr. married, have children?  How many? What were their names, where did he live with his wife and children?
  • Did  Martin Luther King, Jr. go to college?  What was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s profession?
  • What did MLK, Jr. do to win the Nobel Peace Prize?  What year did Martin Luther King Jr. win the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • Which Presidential administration determined there should be a national holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr?  How do we celebrate Martin Luther King. Jr. Day?
  • Martin Luther King Jr was involved in several important marches?  Pick one and tell us about it.  Include the date, location and who else participated. 
  • On August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a very famous speech known as                I have a Dream.”  What was his message?

3. Add your answers to Ms.O'Hara's Padlet Wall!  

Have Fun celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.!

MLK - The King and His Dream

Grade 5 (Green) MLK, Jr. Padlet Wall

Grade 5 (Yellow) MLK, Jr. Padlet Wall

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial - National Mall, Washington, DC


Image result for martin luther king jr memorial images

   Follow link to explore the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial