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Collections in Follett Destiny: An Overview

Common Core Links and Resources

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Copyright-Friendly Images

Viva La Revolucion!

Wikimedia Commons

All images and other media files on this site are freely reusable without permission.


Flickr's advanced search options allow you to search for Creative Commons licensed images.


Stop Cyberbullying

Next Generation Science Standards by Topic

C3 Teachers Social Studies and Inquiry Design Model Resources

PBS Learning Media

The Big6 Research Model

Digital Nonfiction Text Sets

This is the link sent by Pat D'Alfonso for the Reading and Writing Project site with numerous digital nonfiction text sets on topics at various reading levels from grades 4-12.  The site includes links to high interest/popular culture articles, historical texts and science-health texts. These texts will support the Integration of Knowledge and Ideas and Research strands of the CCSS, which require students to analyze and synthesize information from multiple texts on the same topic.

Understanding Lexile Reading Level Measures

ALA: Privacy & Youth Google App

A free web tool that allows students to take notes on a video that they are watching. This tool is integrated into Google Drive, allowing students to save their notes directly to their drive account.

Teaching Without Walls: Life Beyond the Lecture

Teaching Without Walls is Michelle Pacansky-Brock's website regarding effective strategies for teaching with emerging technology.

Click this article link to learn more and watch a Michelle Pacansky-Brock tutorial for using

West Warwick High School English Department Plagiarism Policy



GeoGebra is a free, multi-platform online tool that allows students to visualize mathematical concepts. Teachers and students search this database to view, download, revise, create and share worksheets with others. GeoGebraTube averages 100 new pieces of material every day and has had 22 million visitors since its launch 18 months ago, with some applets receiving more than 100,000 views.

English Language Arts

Resources for Student Centered Instruction--National Council of Teachers of English