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San Miguel School Library and Technology Center: Website Evaluation

Websites to Help Evaluate Websites

Here are some useful websites to help you understand how to discern between good and not-so-good websites.

Why Evaluate?

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THINK about it...FIND it...PROVE it!!

"Why should I care about website evaluation???"

The amount of information available to us today (particularly on the Internet) is endless and this is a wonderful thing. However, when we are using this content for research especially, much of it needs to be evaluated. When you come across a website that looks "fishy," there is probably a reason for that. Remember: you are in control of what information you use and what information you ignore. Let this tool help you determine which web resources represent valid and reliable information.

Evaluating Websites with Roxanne


Why Can't I Just Use Google?

Although Google has proven to provide a very efficient (FAST) search, it isn't always the most appropriate research tool. Noodle Tools has two great tools to help you decide if Google really is right for your research. Check them out by clicking on the links below!!