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K12 Library Curriculum & The Common Core--RILINK presentation: Step 1: Curriculum Survey

Presented at RILINK Conference, Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Aug 14, 2013

Where to Begin

No matter how hard we try, there is the impulse to review every single bit of information that has been done on curriculum.  

What do we want ours to look like? (Your district may have already decided on a format, if so, you will have to adhere to that)

How can we narrow down what we do?

Simple answer:  survey what other people have done.

I (Sue) started exploring this in May 2012.  Even since then, a lot of things have changed.

There are beautiful documents out there which may not be aligned to the Common Core.  You also need to pay attention to WHICH information literacy standards they are aligned to... they may be aligned to the old Information Literacy Standards.  However, there are new documents that are aligned to the Common Core, but perhaps do not include all the considerations that you require.

Look at them, and make your own decisions.

I  am providing the following links to save you time.  These may help to inspire you and give you focus.  Here is a useful sample:

Wow!  This wasn’t here the last time I looked!  Fun, one stop shopping.  Except... a lot of the links are already outdated.

This one is structurally gorgeous, but you may notice:  no standards; competencies are mentioned, and assessments… are pretty much left up to you.

Pittsburgh public schools scope and sequence.  Most beautiful thing you have ever seen,  and wonderful to use as a model, however:

--> No common core alignment

--> Aligned to old information literacy standards, not AASL for 21st century—although there is a crosswalk from the old standards to the new standards to be found at

Maryland’s is pretty to look at:

Please note 2010 copyright date, however.  This usually indicates pre Common Core adoption.

New York State Information Fluency Continuum.  One of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen.  2010 copyright date.  Great for ideas, less useful for cribbing.  Fabulous for inspiration.


Curriculum Resources:

Baltimore.  It’s glorious.  But you have to align to CCSS yourself .

Council Rock School District, Newtown, PA.  It’s gotten a lot more simplified than the last time I looked at it.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Library Media Department Library Media Skills Curriculum.  Aligned with NY State standards.    2005.  Aligned with ISTE and old AASL standards.

City of Cambridge was up in 2012 looking like a scope and sequence.  That document has disappeared from the web.  This one looks like a guidance document rather than a curriculum.

Cecil County Public Schools.  Visually spectacular.  Wonderful resource organizationally.  Please note 2012 date.

Georgia Independent School District, Georgetown, Tx.  Useful scope and sequence.  Web page dated 2006.

Stunningly beautiful, but hasn’t been updated in a while.

You might just want to ruminate on their library webpage.  It’s glorious.

Hartford County Public Schools, Maryland.  Revised 2010.  No common core and aligned with old AASL standards.  Still, informative.

Iowa City Community School District.  Updated 2010.  No CCS or AASL for 21st century.

Go here for Mississippi Library Guide.  It’s more of a policy and procedure manual, less of curriculum.  Useful for cribbing if you don’t have a PPM.

Massachusetts School Library Association.  2009.  AASL 21st century.

South Brunswick School Dept.  This has been updated and revised.  2012!  This is beautiful.


When you find something you like, it's critical to:

1) archive it on your computer; either save the pdf or throw it into a word or excel document, depending on its original format;

2) save the URL, too.

You would not BELIEVE how quickly this stuff changes and disappears from the web.


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