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Hugh Cole School Library: 2018 Summer Math Letter

Summer Math Letter


June 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,


As you prepare for your summer schedule please take a few minutes to plan time for math and reading activities. Research is clear, students can experience “summer learning loss” that can be equivalent to three months of mathematics learning if they don’t practice throughout the summer.


Students can practice their math skills daily through the online i-Ready Math program.  Students entering grades 1-6, can sign into i-Ready using their current login directions from school (also located in the summer electronic folder linked below) and complete lessons and earn coins while practicing math skills.  Parents are encouraged to monitor and support students with the iReady lessons. The recommendation for i-Ready use is 45 minutes per week and the program is available through August 14 (with the exception of July 19-23 when the site is being updated).


In addition to iReady, Bristol Warren students can complete the the Greg Tang Math Challenge or Newmark Summer Math Practice.  Both are located at The Newmark Summer Math Practice and Greg Tang Math Challenge are due September 21.  

The problems within these resources were selected to reinforce key concepts for each grade level and the skills that students have learned during the school year, to help avoid “summer learning loss”.  You can also incorporate math into your daily activities such cooking, grocery shopping, or riding in the car. Guess my Number is a great way to reinforce number concepts:

First, think of a number; 98 as an example.  Give clues to help your child guess the number, such as “the number I’m thinking of is an even number that is less than one hundred but more than 50”.   Adjust your clues with each guess until he/she guesses the right number.


Staying Fresh with Fluency Skills are also always important! Here are the expectations by grade level:

  • Entering Grade 2: Add & Subtract within 10

  • Entering Grade 3: Add & Subtract within 20

  • Entering Grade 4 & 5: Multiply & Divide within 120


As you know, learning doesn’t stop in the summer.  Thank you for being our partners in the education of your child.  It all adds up!