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Hugh Cole School Library: 2019 Summer Math Letter

Summer Math


2019 Summer Math Practice for students Entering

Grades 1-6 Avoid the Summer Slide



Students entering grades 1-6, can sign into one or all of the recommended online learning paths with iReady, Prodigy, and/or Reflex.  Parents are encouraged to monitor and support students with the online lessons.  The recommendation is 45 minutes per week. The iReady program will be available until August 14th.


Staying Fresh with Fluency Skills are also always important! Here are the expectations by grade level:

  • Entering Grade 2: Add & Subtract within 10

  • Entering Grade 3: Add & Subtract within 20

  • Entering Grade 4 & 5: Multiply & Divide within 120


As you know, learning doesn’t stop in the summer.  Thank you for being our partners in the education of your child.  It all adds up!



Hugh Cole Entering Grade 1: No Prodigy

Hugh Cole Entering Grade 2: 239CF6

Hugh Cole Entering Grade 3: D10D3B

Hugh Cole Entering Grade 4: B43DE2

Hugh Cole Entering Grade 5: 81EF2E

Entering Grade 6: 406359



If needed see the district website for more directions.

George Hail Free Library Hours

Mon-Thur 10-8pm; Fri 10-5pm; Sat 10-3pm

Rogers Free Library Hours

Mon-Thurs 9-8pm; Fri-Sat 9-5pm



2019 Summer Math Letter

Dear Parents,

This year we’ve decided to use an exciting educational game called Prodigy for summer practice.


How does my child play Prodigy at home?

1. Go to on almost any Internet enabled device

2. Select “Play Prodigy” in the top-right corner

2. Select the "New Student" button at the bottom left of the game's login page.

3. Have your student enter in your class code. Find Codes at bottom of this page







4. Have them enter their first and last name or initial.

5. Have them create a password they can remember.

6. Have them select their Country and Province/State. This determines the curriculum they'll be placed in.

7. Have them select their current grade.

8. Lastly, have them complete the design of their avatar and name selection.

9. Have your student take note of their username and password and write it down for safekeeping!

That's it! Your students can now play the game with their new character and they'll automatically be tied to your class list via the class code.


If they already have an account:

Have them sign in then click