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Bill of Rights in Current Events: Current Events

Bill of Rights

Pick one of these: 

First Amendment- Forbids the Congress from interfering with freedom of religion, speech or press, or with the right to assemble peacebly, or to petition the government. 

Second Amendment- Guarantees the right to bear arms. 

Fourth Amendment- Forbids unreasonable search or seizure of persons, homes, and effects without warrant. 

Fifth Amendment- Guarantees specific rights when on trial, including no condemnation without trial, no compulsion to be a witness against oneself, and no preperty taken for public use except with just compensation. 

Sixth Amendment- Assures the accused right to a speedy and public trial, right to be represented by an attorney, and right to be faced by accusing witnesses. 

Eight Amendment- Forbids excessive fines and cruel or unusual punishments. 

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