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Ponaganset High School Library: Gale Databases

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Gale Databases

If you are using Gale databases from home you need to enter a password.

Password (all lower case): phs  


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Gale Database Tip Sheet

Using Gale Databases

How to import citations from Gale Databases into NoodleTools

See video below to learn how to import Gale Database citations to your NoodleTools projects. Don't forget to log into your FG NoodleTools account to be able to use this Gale Database import feature!!

Follow these steps to successfully export a Gale prepared citation into NoodleTools:

  1. In one browser tab, open the NoodleTools project you are working on and navigate to the Sources screen.

  2. In a second browser tab, open Gale's database and navigate to the article you wish to cite.
  3. On the article's page, in the right-hand navigation list, click "Citation Tools."
  4. Under "Export to," select "NoodleTools" and click "Export" (note: the selected citation style in the database does not matter -- the citation style will match the style of the NoodleTools project you are importing into).
  5. A new browser tab titled "NoodleTools Import" opens (check your pop-up blocker settings if a tab does not open).
  6. At the bottom of the "View/Import Sources" page, check that the project listed in the "Import" dropdown list is correct.
  7. Click "Import references."
  8. At the top of the page look for a green confirmation: "1 reference successfully exported to project..."
  9. Close the "View/Import Sources" tab and return to the tab containing your NoodleTools project.
  10. Reload the "Sources" screen to view your imported citation.