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Garden City School Library: Book Care Basics

Essential Question

How can I show that I am ready to start checking out library books?

Lesson 1 - Don't Let The Pigeon ...

  • Introduction: Ask the students if they are familiar with The Pigeon. Note that he sometimes has fits. See if anyone can remember and share the method they came up with last week for not having a fit. 

  • Readaloud: Read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! encouraging participation (kids love to scream "NO!"). Ask the kids if they think the pigeon seems to be good at following rules. Ask them to share some rules that they need to follow in the classroom and in the library.
  • Video: Let the kids know that the Pigeon wants to take out books, but he doesn't know how to take care of them yet. Our job today is to teach him, and then he AND the kindergartners should be ready for first checkout next week. Watch "Don't Let the Pigeon Read the Books!"


  • Activity: Tell the kids that the Pigeon always wants to do things that are against the rules. What are rules for taking care of books ? What would they not let the Pigeon do? Have them share ideas as a group before explaining the drawing activity borrowed from Functional and Practical Teaching on TeachersPayTeachers. Move around the room to see if anyone is having trouble coming up with ideas or needs help writing out what they're not letting the Pigeon do.

  • Video: Once a few kids have finished, start the Scholastic Storybook Treasures video version of the book.

Lesson 2 - Mr. Wiggle

  • Activity 1: As students come in, hand them a book and tell them to sit on the rug. Explain that we are going to practice turning pages properly so they don’t rip or get bent. Demonstrate and have them page through their books. State that turning pages gently is just one way to treat books properly.

Hold up some of the rules papers the kids created last time and review what they wrote. Remind the students that they will have to follow these rules when they take their library books home. Don't be Pigeons!

  • Readaloud: Read Mr. Wiggles' Book.
  • ​Activity 2Explain how checkout works. Then send the kids to the tables to choose from preselected books.
  • Coloring page:


Standards Addressed

AASL1.1.6 - Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format in order to make inferences and gather meaning; 2.1.6 - Use the writing process to create products that express new understandings; 3.1.2 - Participate and collaborate as members of a social and intellectual network of learners; 4.1.1 - Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth; 4.1.8 - Use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning

Common Core: R.I.K.10 - Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding; SL.K.1 - Participate in collaborative conversations; SL.K.5 - Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail