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Edgewood Highland School Library: iPads


Camera App

You can use the camera app to take pictures and videos.  You can also create a slideshow of all of your pictures!



1.  Tap on the Camera app

2.  Make sure you are on PHOTO

3.  Every person gets to take 1 picture of something in the computer lab

4.  Tap on the bottom right picture to go to view all of the pictures taken

5.  You can edit your picture by tapping on "Edit" in the top right.

6. When you are done, tap on the garbage can in the bottom right to delete your photo.




Map App

You can use the map app to find an address, get directions, find restaurants and more!


1.  Tap on the Map app.

2.  Use your fingers to zoom in on Rhode Island.

3.  Try to find Cranston on the map.

4.  Type in the address for Edgewood Highland in address bar

      160 Pawtuxet Ave, Cranston, RI

5.  Type on the "i" symbol to find out more information.

6.  Type on the "x" in the address bar and type in the address to the White House

      1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC

7.  Use your fingers to zoom out so you can see the map of the whole world.

8.  Each group member will search for another country and find the capital of that country.


Clock App

You can use the clock app to find out what time it is here and around the world.  You can also use it as an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and a timer!


1.  Tap on the Stopwatch icon on the bottom of the screen.

2.  Tap on Start.

3.  Tap on the World Clock icon.

4.  Each person will be able to add a location to find out what time it is.

5.  Tap on "Add" and choose 1 location.

6.  Tap on "Edit" in the top left.

7.  Tap on the minus symbol (-) to delete the location you just added.  Do NOT delete the other locations.

8.  Allow each group member to add 1 location and then delete it.

9.  Go back to the Stop Watch icon and tap Stop.



Notes App

You can use the notes app to write notes about anything!


1.  Tap on the "Notes" app.

2.  Tap on the pencil and paper in the upper right corner.

3.  Let each group member write one sentence for the note.

4.  Tap on the sentence and tap "select all" (it should hilight the sentence in blue)

5.  Double tap on the sentence and select "copy"

6.  Double tap somewhere in the note and tap "paste" 

7.  Tap on the trash can in the upper right to delete your note.