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Edgewood Highland School Library: Winter Olympics

PyeongChang, South Korea

Fun Facts!

  • Population of South Korea:  Over 51 million
  • Population of PyeongChang:  Over 43,000
  • Cost of hosting the winter games:  $13 billion dollars
  • The currency in PyeongChang is called the Won
  • The average February temperature in PyeongChang is 39.9 degrees Fahrenheit  

(Information from

 Image result for south korea olympic map

Olympic Symbols

Take a look at the gold, silver, and bronze medals for the 2018 games!

Image result for 2018 south korea olympic medals


Here are the Mascots for the 2018 Games.  

Soohorang is a white tiger and Bandabi is an Asiatic black bear.

Image result for 2018 winter olympics mascot

Olympic Books in the Library!

Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang, South Korea 

from February 9 - February 25, 2018.  


The next Winter Olympics will be in 2022 in Beijing, China


Check out the medal count from the 2018 Winter Olympics:


1st & 2nd Grade Assignment

Download and print the mini book above.  Then, color the pictures and think about some of the winter sports you can see at the Olympics.  What would you like to try?

2nd & 3rd Grade Assignment

Download the document above and write about what it would be like to be an Olympic Athlete!

4th & 5th Grade Assignment

Download the document above and answer the questions using and Culture Grams to learn more about Olympic Sports and participating countries.