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Greenbush Elementary School Library: Grade 1

Learn to Tie Shoes

You can learn to tie your own shoes!  Watch any of the videos below, and PRACTICE!!!

Teaching Kids to Tie Shoes

The Easy Way to Tie Shoes

Two Ways to Tie Shoes



Click below to explore the myON eBook collection!  

San Diego Zoo

Star Fall





PBS Kids

Fun with Mo Willems!

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Image result for go mo willems


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Destiny Resource Collections

The links below will bring you to Destiny Collections with resources for Grade 1 Units of Study.


Rules and Community Helpers

Waves, Light & Sound 

Life Cycles of Chickens

West Warwick History 




Fun with Mercy Watson!


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World Book Early World of Learning

Digital Citizenship


ABCYa!  The Cyber 5



Common Sense Media



Click below to watch a Netsmartz Kids Video!