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Greenbush Elementary School Library: Grade 3

Hour of Code - Videos


Check out these introductory videos!


Click below to explore the myON eBook collection!  

Solar System


Planets and Asteroids





The Dewey Rap!

Click on Melvil Dewey to learn about his library classification system!


Third Grade Computer Games

Digital Citizenship


Digital Passport will help us learn how to be safe and responsible on line!




Click here to view a free video on Internet safety from BrainPop Jr.


Test your digital citizenship skills on

PBS Kids Webonauts Internet Academy!


Webonauts Internet Academy


Here are some resources to check for your weather project.

 Don't forget World Book Kids as well!

Destiny Resource Collections

The links below will bring you to Destiny Collections with resources for Grade 3 Units of Study.


Coding and Robotics

Rhode Island History

Branches of Government

Biodiversity and Heredity



50 States