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Greenbush Elementary School Library: Grade 4

Destiny Resource Collections

The links below will bring you to Destiny Collections with resources for Grade 4 Units of Study.

Forces and Motion

Core Democratic Values

Coding and Drones  

U.S. Regions  



Snowflake Bentley


Fourth Grade Computer Games


Click below to explore the myON eBook collection!  

Exploring Careers

What career should I Choose?


Explore your options using this Destiny Collection!



Explore these sites to learn about various dog breeds.

American Kennel Club



One Crazy Summer Resources


One Crazy Summer Destiny Collection

Mr. Allen's class taking a break from reading for lunch!


Mrs. Vincelette with Rita Williams-Garcia at the RI Festival of Children's Books 


2017 Caldecott Award Winner

Radiant Child

by Javaka Steptoe


U.S. Regions

Locate major geographical features of the US:

From Sea to Shining Sea

Introduction to the 50 States

Play:  Locate the State!




50 States

Digital Citizenship

FBI - Safe Online Searching Activity


Click here to view a free video on Internet safety from BrainPop Jr.


Digital Etiquette on Brainpop

The Meaning of BEEP Digital Etiquette activity on Brainpop


Test your digital citizenship skills on

PBS Kids Webonauts Internet Academy!


Webonauts Internet Academy