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Astronomy: Astronomy

Current Events

Current Events in Astronomy

Ms. Winsor, Astronomy

Assignment Requirements

 You will be required to submit two current event papers each quarter, with a total of four papers for the course. The current event papers together are worth 20% of your grade. The current event requirement allows you to further explore topics that are specifically interesting to you, while keeping up with the events in today's astronomy research.


You are required to present one of your current event papers. Toward the end of the year, you will choose just one event to present to the class.


  • Each paper must be about a topic in astronomy that has information from articles from within the past year. The paper may be about a specific event that has recently occurred, or about new research that has been done.

  • All papers must be typed (computers are available before and after school).

  • Each paper must be between one and three pages in length. (double spaced).

  • All writing must be in your own words and all research must be appropriately cited.  

  • You must include at least three sources for your information, all must be cited.

  • Papers must be submitted by the due date, and may be submitted electronically (if you "share" a document with me through google documents, be sure to notify me via email).

Due Dates

Paper 1 __________________________________

Paper 2 __________________________________

Paper 3 __________________________________

Paper 4 __________________________________ Database with EBSCO Host

                                                 EBSCOhost logo

1. In EBSCO Host, choose All Databases.

2. Put a check mark next to the databases you would like to search. Middle Search Plus, TOPIC Search, and MASTERfile Premier are good choices for this project.

3. Scroll down and click Continue.

4. Enter your search terms in the search field and click Search.

5. Go to the left hand task bar on your results page and scroll to the Limit To box. Click and drag the publication date arrow to 2013 to update your search results.

6. At this point, you may choose to select your article from the Source Types box, or begin browsing your search results.

7. Once you have selected your article, use the email link to email it to your school email address. Use the Cite button to find the MLA citation format for your article.

Easy Bib Free Online Citation Creator

Use EasyBib to create to create a Works Cited list.

Follow these directions to create an account on EasyBib.

1. Sign in to your student Google email account.

2. Open another screen tab in Google Chrome and go to

3. On the EasyBib website, click on Login in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. In the pop up box, click the google logo on the right.

5. In the next pop up box click Accept.

Use this option to sign in using your school Google email account. This will allow you to then export your bibliography directly into google docs.  Your account is now set up and you can save and access your Bibliography lists from any computer with online access!

Export Your Works Cited to Google Docs