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Award Winning Book Guide: Rhode Island Children's Book Award 2015

More Fun with RICBA Books!

Here is the link to the RICBA blog.  It's a fun place and you can contribute to it by writing your own book review or commenting... but we need to pay attention to the rules (hey... when DON'T we need to pay attention to rules?)

Go explore the blog...BUT remember our rules about on line communication:

Before we SHARE, we remember the basic and very important ideas about communicating on line, on the internet, through blogging, social networking sites, or however you want to SHARE.

Before we SHARE, let's show we CARE.

We CARE about:

1) being SMART on line

2) being KIND on line

3) protecting our PRIVACY on line

4) being ETHICAL on line

5) being RESPONSIBLE on line

And Even More Fun with RICBA 2015 Books

Did you know that the RICBA 2015 Nominee Books have their own Pinterest Page?

Check it out at

RICBA 2015 Book Trailers!

Click HERE to see book trailers for the RICBA 2014 books!

Many thanks to Ms. Moore, Librarian at Stadium and Garden City Elementary Schools, for the urls for these great book trailers.

RICBA Nominees 2015: Check them out!

All book summaries courtesy of RICBA committee members.

Find Out About the RICBA Authors!

If you want to find out more about the authors who write these books, you can visit this blog:

which has links to author videos and author web sites.

Happy Exploring!

LibGuide Credits

LibGuide Credits

This guide is modeled after one created by:

 Mrs.SusanRose, LMS


Chester W. Barrows School Library