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John F. Horgan Elementary School Library: RI Children's Book Award

RICBA 2019 Nominees

RI Children's Book Award - Current Winner



Third and fourth graders may choose to participate in the RI Children's Book Award Program.  Students across the state in grades 3-6 choose from a list of 20 books which are nominated yearly.  If they read 3 or more titles they are eligible to vote for their favorite book in February.  

The 2018 RICBA winner is....

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RI Children's Book Award Nominees 2018

A Boy Called Bat Grades 3+ Elana K. Arnold. Charles Santoso, illustrator. Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat) has found the perfect pet. This young boy on the autism spectrum just has to convince his mom, a veterinarian, that the baby skunk in her care is it. Realistic fiction.

Chef Roy Choi and The Street Food Remix Grades 3+ Jacqueline Briggs Martin and June Jo Lee. Man One, illustrator. This biography tells the story of food truck Chef Roy Choi. Jump into Chef Roy’s celebration of Korean food and the many cultures that make up the streets of Los Angeles. Biography.

Curse of the Boggin : The Library Book 1 Grades 3+ D.J. MacHale. Haunted by a strange man and a creepy old woman, Marcus discovers The Library, which holds stories of the unexplainable. But The Library has a mystery of its own, and Marcus must find answers in order to protect his friends and family. Fantasy.

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Dream Jumper. Book 1: Nightmare Escape Grades 4+ Greg Grunberg and Lucas Turnbloom. Jumping into other people’s dreams is Ben’s special gift. When an evil dream creature starts to prey on his friends, Ben must use his power to save them without becoming a victim himself. Fantasy / Graphic novel.

Her Right Foot, Dave Eggers. Shawn Harris, illustrator. Grades 3+ Explore America's most recognizable symbol, the Statue of Liberty! Discover the meaning behind the powerful message hidden in Lady Liberty’s right foot. Nonfiction.

I’m Just No Good at Rhyming and Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups Grades 3+ Chris Harris. Lane Smith, illustrator. This book recalls the works of many greats before. It deserves an ode itself and accolades galore. The poems? LOL! The drawings? So much more! Read it and reread it lots - it will never be a bore! Poetry.

Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing Grades 3+ Kay A. Haring. Robert Neubecker, illustrator. Well-known graffiti-inspired artist Keith Haring's biography is told from the unique perspective of his sister, Kay. This story takes the reader from Keith's first doodles, through his subway creations and concludes in the ultimate celebration of his artistry, with exhibitions in museums around the world. Biography / Art history.

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The Losers Club, Andrew Clements. Grades 3+ Reading's good, right? Not if you keep ignoring your teachers and classmates. Forced to choose an after-school activity, Alec starts a reading club he thinks no one will join. Until, OOPS! His epic plan fails – and the Losers Club takes on a life of its own. Realistic fiction.

The Marvelwood Magicians, Diane Zahler. Grades 3+ Mattie Marvelwood and her magical family encounter a new group of friends and an evil hypnotist when they start working with a traveling circus. They have to decide how much to trust their new friends as they fight to stop the power-hungry Master Morogh. Fantasy.

Mustaches for Maddie, Chad Morris and Shelly Brown. Grades 3+ From performing in the school play to navigating friendships and standing up to a bossy classmate, Maddie thinks that everything is better with a fake mustache. But when Maddie is diagnosed with a brain tumor, can her courage and quirky humor see her through?

The Real McCoys, Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. Grades 3+ Moxie and Milton McCoy have a mystery to solve. Moxie, a seasoned detective, is brave and full of ideas. Her little brother Milton is new to the game, but listens well and notices things. Can they work together to discover who stole their school mascot? Mystery.


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The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! Grades 3+ Carmen Agra Deedy. Eugene Yelchin, illustrator. When La Paz’s cruel mayor outlaws all music, one brave rooster sings all the louder. This bilingual story with bright mixed-media paintings celebrates the spirit of freedom - and the courage of those who stand up for it. Picture book / Allegory.

Sergeant Reckless: The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became A Hero, Patricia McCormick. Grades 3+ Iacopo Bruno, illustrator. From the chaos of the Korean War comes the true story of Reckless, a horse who became a decorated US Marine. Follow Reckless’ journey from starved stray to lovable warrior who marched into numerous battles and lifted the spirits of many soldiers. Nonfiction.

Sidetracked, Diana Harmon Asher. Grades 4+ Joseph is a puny seventh grader with ADD who gets bullied by the jocks. When his teacher suggests he join the cross-country team, Joseph finds himself making friends and learning what it means to be on a team. Realistic fiction.

Stef Soto,Taco Queen, Jennifer Torres. Grades 3+ Estefania "Stef" Soto wants to fit in at school – and not as the “Taco Queen” whose overprotective Papi drives a beat-up taco truck called Tía Perla. But when the city threatens her family’s business, Stef starts to question what exactly matters most. Realistic fiction.

The Time Museum, Matthew Loux. Grades 4+ When Delia lands a summer internship working at her Uncle Lyndon’s Earth Time Museum, her summer is filled with time traveling adventures with a crew of kids from all over history. Graphic novel/ Science fiction.

The Trail, Meika Hashimoto. Grades 4+ Toby is on a mission to finish the list of “brave, awesome, totally daring things” that he and his best friend, Lucas, set out to complete. The last item on the list is to hike The Appalachian Trail. Struggling to meet the challenges of survival on The Trail, Toby connects with a compelling cast of characters. Adventure / Survival.

Walking with Miss Millie, Tamara Bundy. Grades 3+ Moving from Ohio to Georgia in 1968 can really change a person. Alice may only be 10 years old, but her age doesn't stop her from befriending her elderly next-door neighbor Miss Millie. Their daily walks together with Miss Millie’s dog Clarence build a friendship that impacts Alice forever. Historical fiction.

The Wizard’s Dog, Eric Kahn Gale. Grades 3+   Nosewise is just a dog, but when his master Merlin is kidnapped, he'll have to learn to use magic to save the day from the dark world of the Fae. Fantasy.

The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, A Young Civil Rights Activist Grades 3+ Cynthia Levinson. Vanessa Brantley Newton, illustrator. Who says a nine-year old can't make a difference? In 1963 many young people participated in the Children's March in Birmingham, Alabama. Thousands of children stood up against unfair segregation laws. This is Audrey's story. Biography.