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I-Search Research Portfolio: Part One

Part One

Part One:

Article of the Week:

1.      Select a topic in America to study.

2.     Each week pick an article about the topic

3.     Read the Article and Underline any information that interests you or that you may want to write about.

4.     Write a two paragraph reaction to the article

5.     The first paragraph is a four (4) line summary of the article,

6.     The second paragraph must be at least six (6) sentences and is your reaction to the article.

7.     Each Reaction is assesses using the district-wide holistic writing rubric.

8.     Each Reaction is a major grade.



1)    MLA citation of bibliographic information regarding the article (use Easy Bib)

2)    Two paragraphs

3)    1 inch margins

4)    Calibri, Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point font 

5)    Proper heading MLA style

6)    Proper paragraphing, punctuation and spelling

Background Knowledge

Animal Abuse


College Campus Rape 

Domestic Violence

Drug Wars


Females In the Military 

Gang Violence

Genetically Modified Food

Gun Cotrol

Marijuna Legalization

Race Relations



U.S. Border 

Westboro Baptist Church

Subject Guide