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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: grade 5

TrueFlix database

Our school has a new subscription to an online resource that combines award-winning True Books content with reading supports and a deep and diverse collection of related videos, images, Web links, and text. To access this subscription at school, click here. To access this subscription from home, you will need to ask Mrs. Rothberg for the username and password and then

click here.

Follow instructions below on how to use Resource Lists Mrs. Rothberg created for quick access to information on specific topics. 


1. Click on the cat picture icon above. This will take you to our catalog. (

2. Click on the "Catalog" tab.

3. In the left hand column hit "Resource Lists"

4. In the upper right of the page are two tabs. Hit the "Public Lists"

5. The lists are in alphabetical order. Slide down to the resource list titled "grade 5 - stars" then hit "View". 

6. At the top of this page are tabs titled "Library Materials" "Websites"  & "One Search"

7. "Library Materials" - materials such as books, eBooks, & DVD's in our library. 

    "Websites" are websites that have been vetted and safe to use.

    "One Search" - World Book online & Culture Grams. I included both the Kids & Student Editions

Kid Friendly Search Engines







Type in the words "facts for kids" after search term without the quotes

Internet Public Library


Google Slides

AskRI: EBSCO-Search Databases for Articles

Culture Grams



You will have to ask Mrs. Rothberg or your teacher for the user name and password

Keyboard Invasion


Ghost Typing

Fun keyboarding practice typing words and making them explode

World Book Student

World Book Kids

World Book Early Peoples

World Book Inventions & Discoveries

World Book Discover


Khan Academy