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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Informational text- turkeys & reindeer

CIP catalog ( Resource lists

1. Click on the cat. This will take you to our catalog. (

2. Click on the "Catalog" tab.

3. In the left hand column hit "Resource Lists"

4. In the upper right of the page are two tabs. Hit the "Public Lists"

5. The lists are in alphabetical order. Slide down to the two resource lists titled grade 2 "reindeer" & grade 2 "turkey" then hit "View". They are two separate lists.

6. At the top of these pages are tabs titled "Library Materials" "Websites"  & "One Search"

7. "Library Materials" - materials such as books, eBooks, & DVD's in our library. We have little or none.

    "Websites" are websites that have been vetted and safe to use.

    "One Search" - World Book online & Culture Grams. I included both the Kids & Student Editions

*Click here to go directly to the Resource List




6 Facts About Reindeer PDF

Reindeer Facts Video

Reindeer Facts Video 2

Caribou - Reindeer


 Turkey Information

 Turkey Trivia & Facts

 Wild Turkey

 Domesticated Turkey



5 Turkey Facts

All About Turkeys

7 Turkey Facts

Wild Turkeys