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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Stars & Solar System

Stars - DK


     What is a Star                 Types of Stars                Birth of a Star


       Death of a Star             Types of Stars Photo               Galaxies and Stars





Fact Monster - Stars

Stars - Are all the stars the same? How do they produce their energy? Do other stars have planets around them? How do we measure a stars brightness? How stars live and die. 

Stars - Star sizes, distance to the stars. constellations

NASA - Stars

Stars - formation, main sequence, their fate

Enchanted Learning - Stars


Curiosity Aroused - fascinating facts about stars

Wonderopolis - How many stars are in the universe?

Star Chart

Mr. Nussbaum- All About Stars for Kids

Easy Science for Kids

How a Star is Born

Inastagrok - Stars - Stars

National Geographic - Stars

Merriam Dictionary - Stars

Earth sky,com- stars

Solar System - Facts about stars

Facts about stars

Planetarium- interactive

Science Kids - Star facts

Scholastic -All About Stars


The Solar System

The Solar System Song