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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Destiny Quest, Universal Search, Using eBooks, & Resource Lists

      For a different view of the library, click on Destiny Quest in the left-hand column of the Catalog. Destiny Quest has many of the same features in an exciting visual Interface. To try this out find lions (click on Go!) and then click on Face to face with lions. You can browse nearby books on the shelf by clicking on (Shelf Browse), and then dragging the orange pointer along the shelf. Add to your Resource List by finding and dragging items into My List. Find related websites and OneSearch resources. Narrow your search by author, publication year, genre, length, or format. Explore the options for emailing, saving and printing out your list. Try out the options for finding exactly what you want using Advanced Search.

Destiny Quest® is a student-friendly searching interface that is designed for today's digital students. The online search interface is highly graphical.

Quest is a form of social networking. Students can share what they have read, are reading, and want to read. Allows them to share reviews, comments, and recommendations. 

Quest allows you to

  • change themes 
  • view book covers
  • see the title availability and call number of search results 
  • limit search results to easily find what you need
  • browse the scrolling carousel of bookshelves
  • exercise your web-savvy skills 
  • mouse over a title for more information
  • drag and drop titles into My List and shelves
  • see the top 10 circulated books
  • showcase new title arrivals
  • create book discussion threads between two friends using comments

There are two ways to get to Universal Search:

  • Choose Universal Search from the Catalog tab on our Paine catalog.  OR
  • Go to to use the dropdown list to find your state, and then your library by typing Paine into the box provided. If type in the next time you use the same computer you'll go right to the Paine site.

Use Universal Search to search for all your library's resources, from eBooks and print resources to subscription databases and digital resources.

important The information you can access in Universal Search depends on the access levels assigned in Destiny.

The Universal Search Welcome page shows your featured collections. The You Recently Read link shows the Follett Shelf eBook or audiobook you read or listened to most recently.

To access what you recently read

  1. Click/Tap the You Recently Read link.
  2. Click/Tap Open.

Interface elements 

Returns you to the Welcome page.

Gives you menu options (mobile only).


Begins your search (desktop/tablet only).


Begins your search (mobile only).

Search results

The search results appear in ribbons and tabs.

Ribbons display your search results with a “See all4” link. If your search includes all of the possible resources, then you get a ribbon for each resource type .

This is the eBooks ribbon:

Tabs include All, Books, Digital, and Databases.

  • All All material types
  • Books All print books and other physical materials
  • Digital All eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive eBooks
  • Databases Links to One Search databases and WebPath Express resources

Click here to find an eBook in our collection

Follow instructions below on how to use Resource Lists either Mrs. Rothberg or other teachers have created for quick access to information on specific topics. 


1. Click on the cat picture icon above. This will take you to our catalog. ( It will open up to a list of all RI schools that use Destiny. Scroll down the elementary list till you see "Captain Isaac Paine Library" and hit the link to go directly to our school's online library catalog.

2. Click on the "Catalog" tab.

3. In the left hand column hit "Resource Lists"

4. In the upper right of the page are two tabs. Hit the "Public Lists"

5. The lists are in alphabetical order. Slide down to the resource list titled with your grade or subject topic, then hit "View"

6. At the top of this page are tabs titled "Library Materials" "Websites"  & "One Search"

7. "Library Materials" - materials such as books, eBooks, & DVD's in our library. 

    "Websites" are websites that have been vetted and safe to use.

    "One Search" - World Book online & Culture Grams (username & password is contained on the bookmark you received from me). If I created the Resource list I most likely included both the Kids & Student Editions

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