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Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School Library: Math & Reading Skills Numbers

Math Skills-Math Buzz


Addition, Subtraction, Equations, Properties

Description: Use your math skills to protect the queen and collect pollen throughout 5 unique worlds. Rescue trapped bees to help you on your journey.

Instructions: Start the game by hitting play, then select the grade of math skill you want to practice. Afterwards read the question and then click on any block that has the correct answer. If you answer correctly, a bee from your troop will be dispatched to rescue a friend, pollinate a flower, or defend the queen. Keep an eye out for power up bubbles which can summon a swarm of friends or rocket your queen forwards at high speed! Make sure you answer carefully, because you'll lose a bee for each question you answer incorrectly!

Math Match: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Adding Bricks

Numbers one to hundred in order- Seahorse Chronicles

Seahorse Chronicles

Putting numbers in order 1-100

Reading (Language Arts) Skills - Sight Words

Reading - Consonant Blends

Reading - Spelling Practice

Reading - Plurals

Reading/ELA Alphabet Word Patterns

Alpha Baby Races

Background: How well do you know your alphabet? Choose and name your baby and then race to the finish line by dragging and dropping the correct letter block to the question mark block in alphabetical order. Be careful! The wrong letter block will slow you down and sometimes cause tantrums. Defeat all of the other babies and earn your golden pacifier!

Reading - Sight Words-Word Quake

Word Quake (Sight Words)

Drag and drop the labels that have been mixed up by the wordquake back to their correct pictures.

Reading/ELA Beginning Sounds

Alpha Switch (Beginning Sounds)

Background: What letter does each object start with? The makers of these alphabet charts really need your help!  Drag and drop the objects to their correct places on the letter chart. For example, the picture of a basketball should go with the “Bb” There are three rounds. Get them all right and earn your gold medal certificate. 

Reading- Sight Word Game

Polly - Sight Word Game

Background: Polly is a parrot who says words. Listen to the words Polly says and then choose the word from a list of four. If you do well, Polly’s parrot friends will notice and join Polly in speaking words to you. See if you can correctly identify 20 sight words.

Reading - Alphabet Visualization

Letter Quest

Background: Can you find the letters hiding in the alphabet classroom? Find the letters and drag and drop them to the correct order in the alphabet chart at the top of the screen. Make sure you check cabinets, drawers, and backpacks as your elusive letters can be hiding anywhere!  

Reading - Word Ops (Making Words From Other Words)

Word Ops

Making words from other words

Background: In Word Ops, players are presented with a word and have three minutes to make as many words from that word as possible. The longer the words you form are, the more points you get! You’ll have three minutes to play. If you can achieve 50 points, you’ll receive a bonus minute.