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Glen Hills Elementary School Library: Grade 5

American Revolution Project

People of the American Revoltion


Abigail Adams

John Adams

Samuel Adams

Ethan Allen

Benedict Arnold

Mary Draper

Benjamin Franklin

Nathaniel Greene

John Hancock

Nathan Hale

Alexander Hale

John Jay

Patrick Henry

Thomas Jefferson

Henry Know

Marquis De Lafayette

James Madison

Thomas Paine

George Mason

Daniel Morgan

Robert Morris

Molly Pitcher

Paul Revere

Betsy Ross

Roger Sherman

Baron von Steuben

George Washington

Martha Washington


World Book

World Book Student is an online encyclopedia for elementary and middle grade students.

You can search by keyword.

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Daughters of the American Revoltion


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Easy Bib

American Revolution For Kids

How Do I Write A Bibliography? by Mrs. Gaiwski

Once you have finished your research, look at the list of resources you used.  It's pretty impressive!!

First, Look at all the resources.

Put the resources in alphabetical order by the author's last name.  If there isn't an author, use the first word of the title of the book or the article. Use the second word if the first word is A, AN or THE! 

Are all your resources in ABC order?  Now we're ready to write the Bibliography!

Begin at the margin of your paper and write the first resource from your alphabetized list.

Keep writing across the first line until you get to the end.  To begin the second line, INDENT 5 spaces or letters. Then begin writing on the second line.  When you get to the end of the line, INDENT the next line 5 spaces.  Keep writing and indenting until all the information is written.

Skip a line.

At the margin, begin writing your second resource from your alpahbetized list.  INDENT 5 spaces for the second line.  INDENt 5 spaces for each line until you finigh writing your second source.

Skip a line.

Use the same format to write the rest of your resources.