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Stone Hill Elementary School Library: Grade 5

Copy to edit for Nancy G for Stone Hill library

All About Explorers



There is a wealth of information on the internet about explorers. 

Let's see what we can learn by using 

the information from the two website links.

Work with your partner to answer three questions

about your explorer and discuss your findings.

Stone Hill Library Catalog


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Database and Search Engines


Standard: Identify the differences between a database and a search engine.


Database (EBSCO Host)                 

Search Engine (Google)
Magazine and Newspaper articles                             No sponsors or ads Popular web sites (Wikipedia)   
 Books                                                                          Scholarly Journals Email
Reference book articles (encyclopedias) Many sponsors and ads

Handout & Worksheet

Thanks to the reference library staff at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in in Richmond, Virginia, for the use of this LibGuide page.