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Westerly High School Library: Grade 9

Wonder/Connect, Question/Focus, Investigate/Learn, Prepare/Analyze/Synthesize, Express/Create/Communicate, Reflect/Assess

Grade 9 Research Standard


“We are thinkers.”

Independent learners ask authentic questions and access, evaluate and use information effectively to develop new understandings. 

Benchmarks NB: Highlighted points are priorities



  • Reads background information to discover the complexities of the problem or question and brainstorms ideas for further inquiry.

  • Identifies key words, concepts, and synonyms, both stated and implied, for topic and uses them to further research.

  • Develops a schema or mind map to express the big idea and the relationships among supporting ideas and topics of interest.


    Focuses the purpose of the research by formulating specific questions to be answered.
    Determines the kind of information needed to investigate the complexities of the topic and whether different

    points of view will be important.


  • Brainstorms ideas for further information.

  • Uses search strategies (Boolean operators, synonyms and relational searching) to broaden and narrow

    searches and locate appropriate resources.

  • Uses technology resources such as the online catalog, online encyclopedias, online databases, Web subject

    directories, and links from valid Web sites to locate primary and secondary information on topics of inquiry.

  • Uses a variety of search engines to do advanced searching.

  • Seeks and uses many different sources in a variety of formats to obtain balanced and complex information

    and to fill information needs effectively.

  • Adjusts search strategies by comparing information gathered with the problem or question.

  • Analyzes maps, pictures, charts, graphs, and other information presented visually to determine main

    ideas and supporting details.

  • Takes notes using one or more of a variety of notetaking strategies, including reflecting on the information (e.g., graphic organizers, two-column notes).


    Combines ideas and information to develop and demonstrate new understanding.

  • Organizes information independently, deciding the structure based on the relationships

    among ideas and general patterns discovered.

  • Understands and builds on the ideas of others.


    Presents conclusions to answer the question or problem.
    Uses visuals, electronic tools and multimedia to communicate meaning.


    Identifies own strengths and sets goals for improvement. Indicators in bold are Priority Benchmark Skills.

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Priority Benchmarks