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Westerly High School Library: Grade 10 Benchmarks and Assessments

Wonder/Connect, Question/Focus, Investigate/Learn, Prepare/Analyze/Synthesize, Express/Create/Communicate, Reflect/Assess

Grade 10 Research Standard


“We are thinkers.”

Independent learners ask authentic questions and access, evaluate and use information effectively to develop new understandings. 

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Benchmarks NB: Highlighted points are priorities



Develops and refines the topic, problem, or question independently to arrive at a worthy and manageable topic for inquiry.

Maintains a list of effective search terms throughout the process of inquiry.


Refines questions to provide a framework for the inquiry and to fulfill the purpose of the research (e.g., questions to lead to historical context and interpretation; questions to elicit accurate facts about scientific problem or issue).


Uses specialized reference materials to find specific and in-depth information.

  • Conducts advanced Web searches using Boolean logic and other sophisticated search functions.

  • Uses text structures to derive relationships among ideas and deeper or more subtle meaning (signal words;

    patterns such as cause/effect, comparison, sequence; foundational vs. detailed information).

  • Evaluates information from a variety of sources for accuracy, appropriateness, validity and comprehensiveness.

  • Recognizes statements that can be verified.

  • Uses collaborative and independent digital tools to record and organize information.

  • Pursues a balanced perspective of fact, opinion, and different points of view.


    Critically examines and analyzes relevant information from a variety of sources to discover relationships among ideas.

  • Organizes notes and ideas using both print and electronic tools to create the most appropriate organizational pattern to express the connections and patterns.

  • Draws clear and appropriate conclusions supported by evidence and examples.


    Drafts the presentation/product to present an argument, point of view, interpretation, or new model most effectively with supporting evidence.

  • Cites all sources used according to standard style formats.

  • Identifies and uses a variety of technology tools, including Web-based interactive tools, to organize

    information, create a product, and enhance communication with a real world application.


    Identifies and evaluates the important and subtle features for an effective product.
    Records individual experience of the inquiry process – the hardest part, best part, skills learned, insights

    experienced, etc. – with suggestions for future improvements.

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Indicators in bold are Priority Benchmark Skills.