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Westerly High School Library: Grade 11 Benchmarks and Assessments

Wonder/Connect, Question/Focus, Investigate/Learn, Prepare/Analyze/Synthesize, Express/Create/Communicate, Reflect/Assess

Grade 11 Research Standard


“We are thinkers.”

Independent learners ask authentic questions and access, evaluate and use information effectively to develop new understandings. 

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Benchmarks NB: Highlighted points are priorities


Connect ‚Äč

Verifies the accuracy of what is known about the problem or question. Wonder

Plans inquiry to systematically test hypothesis or to gather evidence to validate thesis.


  • Pursues a balanced perspective by evaluating information based on authority, accuracy, point of view, and reliability.

  • Uses the organizational features of a book as well as abstracts, tables, charts and first and last chapters to locate main ideas, specific supporting evidence, and a balanced perspective.

  • Recognizes degrees of bias (from slightly slanted point of view to heavily slanted propaganda).

  • Recognizes competing interpretations of historical events and issues and the reasons for those differences.

  • Evaluates the authority of a source by assessing the credentials and reputation of the author, creator and


  • Evaluates, paraphrases, summarizes, and interprets information that answers research questions and gives an

    accurate picture of the research topic.

  • Recognizes that even accurate facts can be misleading if relevant facts are omitted or if context is not provided.

  • Categorizes information; adds new categories as necessary; explores connections among categories.


    Analyzes different points of view and determines best supported point of view by sorting and sifting evidence. Presents different perspectives with evidence for each.
    Identifies and addresses previously held misconceptions.


    Chooses the most appropriate format, tone and language to communicate ideas clearly in real world formats to different audiences.

    Publishes final product for an authentic audience and real world application. Reflect

    Assesses and revises own work using own revision process.

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Indicators in bold are Priority Benchmark Skills.