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North Scituate Elementary School Library: Grade Level Work


Each Grade level has their own webpage for the purpose of classroom assignments and projects, see other's work, and for parents to see what their child is working on in their classroom and in the library.

This Trimester Work

What we are working on this trimester?

Grades 3-5:

1. March 20 - 29: RICAS Practice

2. April 3-5: Ted Talk

3. April 24-25: Earth Day Webquest

4. May 1-3: Self-Esteem

5. May 8-10: Makerspaces

6.May 15-17: Digital Citizenship: Strong Passwords

7. June 12-14: Water Safety

8. June 19-21: Summer!

Grade K-2:

1. March 20 - 22: St. Patrick's Day

2. March 27-29:

3. April 3-5: Listen and Draw Activity

4. April 24-25: Earth Day

5. May 1-3: Self-Esteem

6. May 8-10: Kindergarten- Review Parts of a Book

7. June 12-14: Water Safety

8. June 19-21: Summer!

Final Grades:

A or 4= OUTSTANDING- Student produces work that consistently EXCEEDs the standard for this reporting period.

B or 3= GOOD- Student produces work that regularly MEETs the standard for this reporting period.

C or 2= PROGRESSING- Student produces work that is BEGINNING TO MEET the standard or is PROGRESSING TOWARD standard, shows evidence of achieving the standard some of the time.

D or 1= BELOW- Student is not yet meeting the standard for this reporting period.

***In library, I remind students as long as they give me considerable effort and follow the directions completely they will do fine. I post the directs in many different places for them to refer back to: on the worksheet, whiteboard, or projector. I set them up for success, but it is up to them to complete the task at hand.***