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Norwood Elementary School Library: RESEARCH

More Great Sites

Lots of fun, cool websites to visit. You might even learn something!

Web Search Strategies in Plain English (2:51minutes)



Great Globes

Terra Server

National Geographic's Map Machine
This is a great source for all kinds of maps, from places in the news to historical maps. You can view a place by population, climate, and more.Street maps for major cities in Canada, the U.S. and Europe are also available.

Maps of the World
All kinds of maps are included here, including outline maps.This site is especially useful for 8th grade social studies.

Starting Your Research? VIEW THIS FIRST (10 mins)

Writing Tools

Writing Tools

Slate Citation Machine
allows students to type in bibliographic information and have the computer put it in the proper format

allows user to type in a block of text and find keywords

LibGuide Credit to:

Many thanks to Kay Benning & Maxine Weists of Wisconsin Hills Middle School for permission granted to use her LibGuides.