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Norwood Elementary School Library: World Book ENCYLOPEDIAS

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CIA Worldbook Facts

CIA Worldbook Facts is a database of historical public documents:

From the website: "The Agency frequently releases items of more general public interest on this Web site.   The site includes general information about the CIA, unclassified current publications, speeches and congressional testimony, press releases and statements, careers information, and basic references, including the CIA World Factbook. Many  documents, including the CIA World Factbook, reports on foreign economic or political matters, maps, and directories of foreign officials are also available in hard copy; these are listed in CIA Maps and Publications Released to the Public which is also posted available from the Office of Public Affairs. Publications on this list may be purchased from the Government Printing Office, the National Technical Information Service, and the Library of Congress.  Most CIA publications are classified, however, and are not publicly available."

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