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Guiteras Elementary School Library: 2017 Reading and Arts Week Book Fair

The Book Fair is June 5-9!

Guiteras Library will be having a Book Fair from June 5-9!  

Students will have the opportunity to make purchases at the Book Fair during their weekly library class and recess times.

The following is a list of classes and their day at the Book Fair.

Classes on Mon. June 5:

Mrs. Bruno, Mr. McGee,

Mrs. Hyllested


Classes on Tues. June 6:

 Mrs. Coyne, Mrs. Tomkinson      


Classes on Wed. June 7:

Mrs. Cronan, Mrs. Powers

(Grade 5), Mrs. Glass,  Mrs. Powers (Kindergarten)


Classes on Thurs. June 8:

Mrs. O’Hagan, Mrs. McCanna,

Mrs. Trindade


Classes on Fri. June 9:

Mrs. Kirwin, Mrs. Hall

Special Event:

Family Literacy Program with Author Melissa Stewart

Can an Aardvark Bark?

After taking part in a lively, interactive read aloud, discover why it took 7 years to create the book and discover how ideas can come from the most unexpected places. This fun family program will be followed by a book sale and signing.

Mon. June 5, 6-7 pm

Location: Art-Music Room

Guiteras School

More Special Events: Wed. June 7

Before School Book Fair for Families –

8:15-8:40 am

After School Book Fair for Families –

3:20-4 pm

Book Fair Flyer

Book Fair Flyer Pages 2 and 3

Book Fair Flyer Page 4