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Guiteras Elementary School Library: Grade 2 - RICAT Tutorials

RICAT Tutorial - Subject Search Review

RICAT Tutorial - 1. Title

RICAT Tutorial - 2. Call Number

RICAT Tutorial - 3. Author

RICAT Tutorial - 4. Book Available

RICAT Tutorial - 5. Reading Level

Shelve those books!!!

Can you stack up? When you see a stack of books, SHELVE IT!!!


Your job is to put the books in call number order
To start a new game, choose a level:

  • Level 1 is the easiest and
  • Level 3 is the hardest.

Once you choose a level, your books will appear on the shelf.

Click on a book with your mouse (or your finger on a touch device) and hold down while dragging it into the correct order.
When you think your books are in the correct order, click the "Check My Shelf" button at the top of the screen to see if you are right.

 *****Thanks to Capt. Isaac Paine School's Librarian for this book.**********