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Guiteras Elementary School Library: Landform Touchcasts

Grade 4 Students Create TouchCasts Baased on Their Research and Writing

Library and Classroom Collaboration

Mrs. Cronan's students researched a landform, wrote their own information text as a short paper and built a model.

The use of creating a TouchCase interactive video was a thoughtful decision by Mrs. Cronan and Ms. Galipeau.  

The project qualifies as the highest level of SAMR Model - Redefinition.  Redefinition is characterized by technology used for transformative purposes through synthesis, creation and evaluation, as well as extension beyond the school day learning and in-school community.

The task has been transformed by technology: a combination of TouchCast app, iPad useage for taking photos and importing into TouchCast, sharing TouchCast for sharing and discussion via the students' laptops/teacher ENO with the capacity to extend beyond the school walls by accesing on the Guiteras Library web page and tweeting (larger community) and emailing parents the link (school community).  The task demanded synthesizing skills because the students needed to deliberately put together and explain the parts (writing and model) into a new whole (presentation), which equals creation of the TouchCast as a learning activity.  Through the sharing and discussing of the TouchCasts, the students will be evaluating and reflecting.

The TouchCasts are below.  However, if you would like to view AND comment on the TouchCasts, please visit our blog:

Mt. Denali




Volcanoes by Cole

Rocky Mountains by Cate

Canyons by Mykenzie

Mt. Washington by Quinnly

Beaches by Jude





Stratovolcanoes by Savannah

Mountains by Alana

Volcanoes by Owen

Waterfalls by Samantha

Volcanoes by Noah